Resonance (2016) - Video
Resonance is a project based in Peckham Rye's multi-storey car park, London. The car park has spent sixteen years of its life as a derelict building. Participants are asked to reflect on the building's past, and participate in humming exercises as a means of reflecting with and within the space.

Bold Tendencies’ multi-storey car park has spent most of its life in solitude. It was disused for fourteen years and, even today with the lively summer nights, its company is short-lived. Through our temporary occupancies, our voices and sounds enter and vibrate through the space - they linger, echo, and fade. Perhaps they leave marks upon the cold, concrete walls, resonating within the material. Like the wind that vibrates through the desert, leaving its mark in the shapes of its sand dunes, or the rain that falls and carves its lines deep into the ground, perhaps our voices leave behind something of its own too.

Cami Poccard
Fran Martinez Vilarino
Marianna Turri
Olivia Jarvis
Sophie Bownes
Tianhao Xu

Resonance (2017) - Installation piece
Dolphin Gallery, Oxford
The use of multi-layers in the installation is an attempt to amplify the three-dimensional space within the otherwise flat projection, while the light-weight material, with its delayed responses to currents in the air, draws out the unfolding of time. The combination puts emphasis on the digital projection as an object in a state of change, responding to the audience's movements in time-space, repeating, vibrating, like the building and sounds within the film.