Catching Light, 3’40” (2016)
Catching Light is a short narrative animation. Drawn by hand, the animation is constantly flowing and changing, at times its expressive lines running wild and chaotic. The story is about the struggle for one’s deepest desires, and in its journey, with darkness in place of light, questioning the reality of desires, and the perceptions of the ideas of imprisonment, freedom; resistance, acceptance; desire, and non-desire.

The score for this film employs relatively free composition techniques, both as a strategy for coordinating with the film and in order to explore the potential for contrast against the fixed film soundtracks more typically seen today. In terms of pitch content, nothing is absolutely determined. The sounds employed are inspired both by the character’s emotional journey as well as her movements in the film. The sound-track in this video is a recording of live music performed at the film’s first screening, on the 26th of February 2016, St Hilda’s College, Oxford.

Artist: Tianhao Xu
Composer: Isabel Stoppani de Berrie
Actress: Margaret Chung