Kungfu (2017)
Installation: Two-channel video, sound projection, 18’39”.

Digital: Single-channel, 19’32”.

“A film following a space being unearthed as a venue, voices speaking about desires and expectations, and visuals exploring the idea of past structures and systems redefining its place in a modern age.”

Kungfu is a film centred on an exploration of Chinese martial arts in modernity. As an art undergoing rapid transformation, shifting and changing under new environemnts, the film is interested in how we understand and locate its values – what is lost and what is held onto. Set in an old barn in the countryside of Oxfordshire, the venue becomes both a metaphor and an active participant in the questions of transformation. Dialogue in Kungfu is based on a mix of loose and fixed script created through collaboration with the performers. Many scenes arise out of site-specific reactions and negotiations with the space.

Austin Arthouse Film Festival Offical Selection 2019
Blow-Up Film Festival Official Selection 2019
Aesthetica Art Prize 2018 Longlist
CICFF Official Selection 2018
Fighting Spirit Film Festival Official Selection 2017