Tianhao Xu

Resonance (2016)

Looped video and sound projection, 8mins, installation view

Dolphin Gallery, Oxford


The sounds and conversations in Resonance record a real event. Constructed, but un-staged, the participants of the event are asked to make humming noises in one of London’s multi-storey car parks (Bold Tendencies).


The car park has spent sixteen years of its life as a derelict building, its concrete walls and staircases echoing our sounds, vibrating through the space.


The imagery in Resonance reflects the building’s other vibrations - those which persist and permeate, whilst the more short-lived humming sounds of the participants that we hear perhaps attempt to somewhat make a connection with these other vibrations.


The use of multi-layers in the installation seem to amplify the presence of space within the projection, while the soft materials, with its delayed movements, draw out the unfolding of time.


Voices: Cami Poccard, Fran Martinez Vilarino, Marianna Turri, Olivia Jarvis, Sophie Bownes, Tianhao Xu