Tianhao Xu

Short film shot in September 2015, Beijing. The film is about the paths of various people coinciding, leading to an escalation of events that reaches a climax. Dream that tell the future; coincidence and fate; important events of individuals rendered so insignificant in the face of an overwhelming force; these are ideas that inspired this film.

Cast (in order of appearance)

  Chen Xinnan

  Liang Ban

  Yang Yinlin

  Ni Zhengpeng

  Wang Jingwen
  Sheng Zhiliang

  Pei Yulin


  Xu Tianhao

  Wang Jingwen

  Pei Yulin

  Fan Xuechao

  Zhang Yuhao


-     Co-director, DoP, editor, colorist, sound

-     Co-director, editor, special effects, sound

-     Sound

-     Sound

-     Sound

With thanks to

  Yan Lizhen

  Zhang Huairu

  Lv Zhiqiang

  Xin Yunpeng

  Yue Xianghui